Muhammad V University – Souissi (UM5S)

Mohammed V University, founded in 1957, ranks as the dean of modern universities in Morocco. In 1993 the University grew in two separate campuses: Mohammed V University-Agdal and Mohammed V University-Souissi. The latter is one of the national leader institutions in providing educational excellence to a large number of students in different fields, including law and social sciences, engineering and medical studies. UM5S is composed of seven schools and three research institutes. It counts among its faculty 1260 professors-researchers and 745 administrative and technical staff. UM5S is largely renowned for the intensity, quality and diversity of its research. The School of Juridical, Economic and Social Sciences (FSJESS) has 14 specialities in Master degrees among which political science, diplomatic studies, judiciary practices, environmental studies, marketing, finance, management, tourism and entrepreneurship, as well as 15 research structures and one research centre, offering students the opportunity to enrol in PhD programs in juridical and political studies as well as in economics and management.

Persons involved in the project

Dr Saloua Zerhouni is a political scientist; she is an associate professor at Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco. She teaches in the school of juridical, economic and social sciences and, more recently, she has been appointed vice-dean in charge of scientific research, cooperation and partnership. She received her PhD from Hassan II University, Casablanca, Morocco. In 2000, she was a visiting researcher at Georgetown University. Between 2001 and 2003, she was a research associate at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), Berlin. She has done extensive research on elites as agents of change and theories of political transformation, Islamist movements, political parties, the Parliament, elections, youth and politics and on protest movement in Morocco. Among her publications, an edited book, with Ellen Lust, on Political Participation in the Middle East, Lynn Rieners: Boulder, Co. 2008. Saloua Zerhouni has served as a consultant of national and international organisations (such as the European Commission, USAID and the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies) and has extensive experience with collaborative research projects.

Prof. Azeddine Akesbi is a Professor at the Center of Education Planning, Rabat , Morocco. He is an expert in the fields of education, labour market as well as the evaluation of social-economic policies. In 1991, he took a PhD from the Institute of Education, London University. Azeddine Akesbi also holds a Doctorate in Economics from Nanterre University, Paris X, France and a MA in Education Sciences from the same university. He published a number of reports among which “Social accountability in relation to the issue of violence against women”; “Transparency and the duty to render”. He developed the civil society index with Civicus and the associative space in 2011. Prof. Azeddine Akesbi is not currently contracted by Mohamed V-Souissi University. He will be contracted as the project, or relevant activities, will start.
Amani El Naggare is a PhD candidate at the School of Juridical, Economic and Social Sciences, Mohamed V-Souissi University. In 2011, she received her Masters Degree in Diplomatic Studies and International Relations from the same university. She is currently a research associate for Mohamed V-Souissi in the framework of a project on “Arab youth: from exclusion to inclusion?”, a project that is conducted in partnership with the universities of Tübingen, and the American university in Cairo. She has contributed to a number of research projects among which a study on “Elections in Morocco”, a project in partnership with the University of Yale . Amani El Naggare has experience in conducting qualitative and quantitative research.

Lalla Hind Drissi Bourhanbour is a PhD candidate at the School of Juridical, Economic and Social Sciences, Mohamed V-Souissi University. She is currently a research assistant at the Department of Scientific Research and International Cooperation and Partnership in the same school. She holds a Masters Degree in “Human rights and fundamental freedoms”, from Mohamed V-Souissi university, Rabat. In 2011 she contributed to a project on “Youth and political engagement” as a research assistant to Professor Adria Lawrence from Yale University. She has experience in conducting qualitative interviews and surveys.

Main tasks attributed to UM5S:
-Partner in WP3, WP4 and WP8



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